DECITEX intelligent textiles to supply NHS Supply Chain


French firm signs contract to make 26 products available to UK trusts

DECITEX, a French-based manufacturer of microfibre cleaning textiles, has signed a new contract with NHS Supply Chain.

Following numerous introductions and tests in some of the largest NHS hospitals across Britain, it was DECITEX’s knowledge of the market that helped the company to secure the contract for the NHS.

As a result, a total of 26 DECITEX products will be listed by NHS Supply Chain, including single as well as short-and-long-term usage solutions adapted to hazardous areas, such as operating theatres and isolation rooms.

DECITEX’s textiles have proven efficiency and its single- and short-usage cloths have been approved in accordance with the EN13697 standard. These products allow all hospitals to choose to clean floors with water while ensuring the demands of ATP tests are met.

Created in 2000, DECITEX is part of the 3E sustainable-energy concept. The company’s main aim is to improve the quality of cleaning and ergonomics while considering the associated constraints and working on the reduction in usage costs of the products.

DECITEX’s textile engineers are encouraged to think about the efficiency of the textile for cleaning purposes before considering the addition of a chemical component. The material has also been developed to improve user comfort, not just in terms of autonomy and hygiene, but also in terms of design — a notion often overlooked in this field.

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From design and manufacture in France up to their final use in situ, DECITEX products offer unique and innovative sustainable-development solutions in the field of cleaning textiles. In effect, using DECITEX products makes it possible to save considerable amounts of water, chemicals and energy used in laundry. The specialist company also offers to recycle its products at the end of their use.