Deb launches DebMed integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care programme


Solution aims to combat healthcare associated infections

Deb has launched its DebMed programme, a unique, integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care programme that is focused on setting higher standards in the fight against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

The solution incorporates three dedicated elements: Essential products, vital information, and highest standards of behaviour.

DebMed is customised to each healthcare environment and has been proven to increase hand hygiene compliance by 25.5% and reduce HCAIs like MRSA by as much as 42%.

Central to this is Vital Information – Deb’s unique electronic monitoring system that is clinically proven to be an accurate and reliable method of measuring hand hygiene compliance against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Five Moments of Hand Hygiene initiative.

This offers healthcare institutions the ability to capture 100% of hand hygiene events, and accurately track compliance rates across their facilities.

DebMed is a unique, integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care programme that can be customised to each healthcare environment

DebMed is a unique, integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care programme that can be customised to each healthcare environment

The need for more-effective monitoring methods in the healthcare sector is clear.

A lack of hand hygiene compliance among staff continues to be of major concern in healthcare environments and a significant contributor to the spread of pathogens, which result in HCAIs.

Combatting the threat of HCAIs is crucial, with approximately 300,000 patients contracting an illness annually in the UK while being treated in healthcare premises.

MRSA bloodstream infections and Clostridium difficile infections were recorded as the underlying cause of, or a contributory factor in, approximately 9,000 deaths in hospital and primary care in England.

Supporting the effective monitoring of compliance is Essential Products, the three-step hand hygiene protocol that should be followed by healthcare staff: cleanse, sanitise and care. This revolves around staff members frequently using hand hygiene products at regular intervals recommended by the WHO Five Moments initiative. This field-tested, user-centred approach defines the key times when healthcare workers should perform hand hygiene.

The DebMed Sanitise dispensers incorporate Optidose. This precisely and cost-effectively delivers exactly the optimum amount of sanitiser to meet WHO standards of 20-30 seconds wet time.

One dispenser push ensures efficient hand hygiene, thereby eliminating the wasteful practice of staff needing to guess the correct dose and pressing multiple times as a consequence.

The DebMed programme also includes a dedicated education and training platform that enables healthcare institutions to makes sure the Highest Standards of Behaviour are in place at all times. This encompasses a training toolbox designed to change behaviour by educating staff about best practice in how, why and when to engage in hand hygiene.

Paul Jakeway, marketing director at Deb, said: “We partner with healthcare stakeholders to focus on fighting the crucial battle against cross infection. This can be combatted by effectively cleaning the hands at critical times.

“We support all aspects of the healthcare sector to make important changes in staff behaviour and meet the highest standards of skin care through tailored provision, education, training and a process of – define, implement, empower and embed.”

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The solutions will be on show at the Infection Prevention 2017 conference, to be held next month.