Introducing The Touchsafe Pro


Introducing The Touchsafe Pro

Aid Call are proud to announce the release of their newest innovation: The Touchsafe Pro.

Building on the success of their Touchsafe range, The Touchsafe Pro is the product of over thirty-five years of industry-leading experience, an increased investment into research and development, and the invaluable feedback of our loyal customers.

Unveiling at Care Show Bournemouth, 25 – 26 March 2015, The Touchsafe Pro has been designed specifically for the hospital market and has HTM compliance at its heart. New features and advanced software will support your team in providing effective, patient-centred care while remaining easy to use.

HTM Compliant

This new range has been created in abidance with the guidelines laid out within the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 08-03). As a result, we produce the finest healthcare technology which supports you in your efforts to supply the best standard of care to your patients.


Its wireless configuration allows for complete flexibility and mobility. Without having to rely on cables and stationary wiring points, installation is quick, undisruptive and is specific to each site. The system can facilitate individual patient requirements, can adapt to change and can be added to over time.


Innovative features and powerful software achieve unrivalled functionality. Improving the speed of call responses and increasing the depth of information available to both staff and management will heighten team performance and support staff in providing the most effective care.

Audit Trail

Aid Call systems are programmed to track and record all call information. Details of outgoing calls are stored, including call location and response time, to provide a comprehensive insight into staff activity and performance. This protects you and your staff and is an invaluable audit tool.

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With new user-friendly touch-screens and the option of emergency or cardiac pull stop configuration, The Touchsafe Pro is our most advanced system yet.