Introducing the i-Workchair


Senator’s new premium seating solution

Senator is launching the new i-Workchair; a premium task chair designed by Justus Kolberg to empower user individuality.

After looking at the way we work, this intelligent seating solution has been developed to respond to the new range of postures seen in the working environment.

i-Workchair goes beyond the concept of free movement, first explored by Kolberg in the development of the ‘Freeflex’ task chair for Senator. This chair has the ability to replicate a myriad of micro movements with ease and comfort, bringing a new generation of synchronised tilt action that replicate the body’s natural pivot points. This provides a seamless transaction between upright and reclined postures.

We don’t sit still as we work. We reach, tilt and lean and i-Workchair has been ergonomically designed to support these movements. In addition, the back has the ability to flex and move, even when in a locked position, as well as supporting a level of sideways and rotational actions that facilitates good spinal health while sitting and working.

i-Workchair utilises a multi-layered approach combining a technical fabric that sandwiches a 3D perforated foam core. This optimises user comfort while allowing excess heat to vent away from the back muscles, discouraging fatigue.

The arms of the seat can be the key to supporting the entire upper body, but given the diversity in users, most chair arms fail to respond well and often become obstructions. In designing i-Workchair, the concept of 4D arms that are truly multi adjustable has been integrated throughout the process. Adjustments are able to cater for individual requirements but beyond this, support a diverse range of working styles and tasks.

“Movement, comfort and personalisation are just some of the principles behind the design of i-Workchair, creating a chair with enhanced functionality that allows the individual to make all adjustments within fingertip reach”, said Kolberg.

The elegantly-sculptured back frame cast in a single aluminum piece and finished in black, gray or polished aluminum; acts as a center piece while elegantly connecting all components, allowing the user to flex and rotate with ease. i-Workchair provides a dual density seat for added comfort finished with a multi layered breathable mesh inner and outer back including complementary side panels available in 10 colours.

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As with all furniture from Senator, i-Workchair has been designed and built with sustainability in mind, with at least 99% recyclable parts, with many being 100%.