London Bridge Hospital partners with Quail Digital to enhance clinical communications


Wireless headset system adopted for use in interventional cardiovascular therapeutics

London Bridge Hospital has chosen Quail Digital’s wireless headset technology to improve clinical communications between its physicians and medical staff.

Run by HCA International, London Bridge Hospital provides a range of specialist medical services, including neurology, orthopaedics, cardiology and other areas of acute medicine.

Quail Digital’s wireless headsets are being used primarily in the electrophysiology (EP) labs, where pacemakers, defibrillators, biventricular and resynchronisation therapy devices are also implanted. The system will provide hands-free communications between the treatment lab and monitoring room, which are separated by insulated partitions and glass.

The headsets are worn by clinical team members, including physicians, nurses, physiologists and radiographers to ensure high-definition communication during procedures. Those using the headsets will be able to speak clearly with colleagues in the adjoining room to share information and give instructions as to patient care and the status of any procedures.

The Quail Digital Healthcare System’s lightweight, hands-free design enables clear and discrete communication for up to nine clinicians. The system operates on a hig- quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band, allowing multiple systems to be used in the same environment without risk of interference with other medical equipment.

Commenting on the installation, Neill Townshend, electrophysiology specialist at London Bridge Hospital, said: “Quail’s Digital Headset System has made a real difference to the standard of team communication during procedures. Excellent audio quality means that all clinicians have a clear understanding of progress within the lab, which significantly boosts performance and safety. The technology has been a worthwhile investment and its use in our EP labs is proving highly beneficial.”

Tom Downes, chief executive of Quail Digital, added: “We are seeing a wide adoption of wireless headsets in the medical sector as practitioners look for ways to improve communications, efficiency and team working during procedures.”

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Three wireless headset systems have been installed in total with two for use in the EP labs and one for the cardiac catheterisation labs.