Marshall-Tufflex launches single-phase voltage optimisation system


Technology bridges the gap between domestic and industrial systems to cut energy costs

Energy-saving technology supplier, Marshall-Tufflex, is launching a ground-breaking new voltage optimiser aimed at bridging the gulf between domestic and industrial installations.

The Voltis 100Amp single-phase voltage optimisation system is designed to be a more cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized buildings such as medical facilities and is suitable for any location utilising a single-phase supply and load of up to 100Amps.

“Voltis 100Amp fills a huge gap in the market between our higher-capacity Voltis commercial/industrial system and our Voltis Home domestic system,” said Jeremy Dodge, head of marketing and technical services at Marshall-Tufflex. “It therefore opens up the benefits of voltage optimisation to a whole new raft of potential users, offering an off-the-shelf solution that achieves substantial power and carbon savings, is straight-forward to install, and is incredibly cost-effective.

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Voltis 100Amp is a development of the company’s Voltis system, a bespoke solution for larger commercial and industrial installations. As with Voltis and Voltis Home. it incorporates an automatic bypass function and intelligent control to maximise savings opportunities.