Medstrom Healthcare unveils revolutionary new therapeutic mattress system


AeroSpacer system is a new clinical and cost-effective alternative to hybrid foam and powered mattress systems for the prevention and treatment of category I & II pressure ulcers

Medstrom Healthcare has launched a new therapeutic mattress system that promises to revolutionise pressure area care.

The AeroSpacer system was launched at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) 2015 conference in London last week, providing the perfect platform for Medstrom to demonstrate its latest technological breakthrough to the clinicians whose patients will benefit from it the most.

AeroSpacer is a new clinical and cost-effective alternative to hybrid foam and powered mattress systems for the prevention and treatment of category I & II pressure ulcers. These benefits come courtesy of advanced 3D spacer textiles that act to actively manage microclimate by reducing temperature and moisture at the skin/surface interface; absorb shear strain to reduce tissue distortion over bony prominences; and redistribute pressure more effectively through partial immersion and envelopment.

In contrast to foam, gel and air cells, the textiles inside AeroSpacer comprise an open, breathable structure, removing heat and moisture from the skin/surface interface. Independent testing demonstrates how either passive body movement or driven air circulates through the mattress, reducing the temperature inside by as much as 8°C, removing heat from the skin/surface interface. This cooler, dryer environment is conducive to preventing moisture lesions.

Foam mattresses must be replaced as soon as they become contaminated, and some trusts replace up to 40% of their foam mattress fleet every year. AeroSpacer can be laundered and tumble dried, has a performance warranty of two years and anticipated lifespan of five years, so it’s easy to understand how significant cost savings could be made.

Additionally, trusts that are looking to hybrid mattresses as a possible route to reducing a reliance on costly dynamic surfaces could also benefit from looking at AeroSpacer as an alternative, both in terms of cost and longevity.

The AeroSpacer development was headed up by Medstrom director Michael Clancy in conjunction with a leading textile consultant, with its launch seen as a major milestone for the healthcare innovator.

Clancy said: “Medstrom prides itself on bringing innovative new technologies to the healthcare market, and I’m proud to have been part of the team that has done that again with AeroSpacer. This system really is a game changer, and is the result of over a century’s worth of cumulative experience in the fields of pressure area care and materials design.

“Reducing or eliminating pressure ulcers and moisture lesions, improving patient care, and getting the most from budgets are major concerns for every healthcare provider, and we’ve managed to develop a mattress system that will help achieve all of them.”

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The AeroSpacer range includes a mattress overlay and a mattress replacement with an optional fan.