NHS staff learn of the benefits of Aintree EPR system


More than 100 NHS staff from across the UK visited University Hospital Aintree recently to witness the hospital's cutting-edge IT system, which is designed to improve the quality of patient care and safety. Delegates from 25 NHS trusts learned how clinicians have worked alongside System C Healthcare to develop an innovative electronic patient record (EPR) system. Aintree is now on course to have one of the most-advanced systems in the country by the end of the year, with features including electronic whiteboards that enable easier patient management and close links with local GP practices so GPs and hospital doctors can see each other's patient treatment details. Dr Libby Wilson, a consultant in emergency medicine at the hospital, said: "The electronic systems provide us with a snapshot of everything that's going on in each department, giving us a whole new means of communicating between nursing and medical staff." More than 3,200 staff now use the new system on a daily basis. Tracy Thrift, assistant director of ICT Programmes at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, attended the event and said: "It's great to see a trust using IT so successfully to enhance the patient experience. Hospital IT systems are hugely complex and Aintree has done really well."

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