Optidose sanitiser technology optimises hand hygiene efficacy


Single dose solution based on data from more than 8 million hand hygiene events

DebMed, creator of the first electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring system based on the World Health Organisation's Five Moments for Hand Hygiene, has launched a new sanitiser technology developed from an analysis of data provided from the DebMed GMS (Group Monitoring System).

The analysis, drawn from real-time operating hospital environments, shows that nine out of 10 of healthcare workers access hand sanitiser using only one push of a dispenser. As a result, DebMed has created a new dispensing technology called Optidose that delivers the optimal volume of foaming sanitiser required to complete a proper hand sanitisation in a single dose.

Drawing on the data from more than eight million hand hygiene events captured by the DebMed GMS over eight months, the solution is a combination of the Optidose dispensing technology with the DebMed InstantFOAM 70% alcohol sanitiser that exceeds the rigid requirements of the Healthcare Personnel Handwash (HCPHW) test in a single 1.5mL dose.

A key element of DebMed Optidose is that it achieves the optimal “wet time” of 15 to 20 seconds as recommended by WHO, enabling healthcare workers to perform a proper and complete hand sanitising event. This combination of proper “dose” and “wet time” is critical to preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

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“DebMed is committed to innovation in healthcare hand hygiene solutions in order to help decrease the number of healthcare associated infections,” said Didier Bouton, President of DebMed. “We have the unique advantage of the DebMed GMS system which allows us to draw real-time usage data, and as a result, we have been able to mobilise our research and development efforts to provide healthcare facilities with a practical new technology to improve hand hygiene quality and patient safety.”