P+HS Architects design sustainable new Nuffield Health hospital in Cambridge


State-of-the-art facility will deliver 21st-century care in a tranquil setting

Nuffield Health, the parent charity of Nuffield Health Hospitals throughout the UK, has announced plans to build a state-of-the art new hospital in Cambridge from which to deliver the latest in 21st-century medical care.

The new facility will be built on the site of the current Cambridge Nuffield Health Hospital and, once completed, all but a small part of the old hospital will be demolished and the surroundings given over to landscaping and trees, creating a quiet and tranquil setting for patients and staff. As part of this work, the great trees that are so much a feature of the site and part of the green corridor from the south into Cambridge will remain almost in their entirety.

Together with the new building, Nuffield Health is investing in the latest digital technology in the three operating theatres planned for the hospital. The high-dependency beds, en-suite bedrooms for inpatients, consulting rooms and waiting areas for outpatients are all being designed with one priority in mind: the dignity and care of the patients.

Senior clinical staff have been consulted throughout the design process to ensure space is allocated intelligently for the smooth and quiet running of a busy hospital.

The new hospital will continue and enhance the Nuffield Health focus on best practice, care and equipment for those medical conditions already central to the present hospital’s work. The oncology day centre, for example, will have its own department in the new building.

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Long-term sustainability of the building and its impact on the environment have been a major consideration by designer, P+HS Architects, throughout the planning phase and the wise use of insulating materials and a streamlined layout will ensure a greatly-reduced carbon footprint resulting in a highly flexible hospital.

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