St Mary’s Hospital installs ACUSON S1000


Ultrasound system to boost obstetrics and gynaecology work

St Mary’s Hospital’s ultrasound department sees more than 200 patients a day and the hospital delivers up to 9,000 babies a year. Its latest new arrival is an ACUSON S1000 from Siemens Healthcare to be used for obstetrics and gynaecology work.

The ACUSON S1000 replaces a previous-generation Siemens system and was chosen for its image quality and ergonomics. The system has been designed to enhance ease of access for the clinician and it is already reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the department.

The S1000 also features the syngo Auto OB Measurements application, providing the ability to auto-measure six major fetal structures required for routine biometric measurements. This has been shown to provide up to a 75% reduction in keystrokes, helping to increase the speed of an examination and giving sonographers at the hospital the ability to generate semi-automatic fetal measurements. Clinicians hope this will lead to a faster examination for the patient and an increasingly accurate procedure.

“We selected the ACUSON S1000 because it offers clear and precise imaging,” said Lesley Lorimer, lead sonographer at Saint Mary’s Hospital, part of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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“The fetal heart settings and cardiac presets have been particularly useful in making a fast and accurate diagnosis, increasing staff confidence. Our team has also benefited from the system’s excellent ergonomics, which has made users feel very comfortable performing procedures and has reduced RSI in the department.”