Step inside hospital – from your sofa


The Walton Centre enables patients to take virtual tours via Google Street View

Specialist neuroscience trust, The Walton Centre, has become one of the first hospitals in the UK to digitally open its doors to visitors on Google Street View, enabling online tours.

Internet users can now navigate their way through the hospital in Liverpool from the comfort of their home using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

They can move through the entrance and main corridors, enter the theatre department and see inside an operating room; take a look inside the state-of-the art radiology department; and view an outpatient clinic room.

Trust chief executive, Chris Harrop, said: “We wanted to open up our hospital online to take away some of the fear of coming in for a consultation, test, or operation.

“Simple things like being able to find the way to reception from the car park, or for a family to find where a particular ward is situated, can save time and reduce anxiety.”

Every floor of the hospital can be accessed, as well as the front and rear entrances.

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The technology is simple to use and can be found by searching for The Walton Centre on Google and selecting the image to step inside, or alternatively visiting the trust’s website. Once inside, visitors can select a floor and explore the hospital by clicking into the distance or on the direction arrows.