UK\'s largest independent health provider deploys patient safety solution


Four Seasons Health Care uses Datix software to create new framework

Four Seasons Health Care, the UK’s largest independent health and social care provider, has created a single patient safety framework based on Datix software.

Since deploying the Datix Incident module throughout the care home network, Four Seasons has saved time, increased the numbers of incidents reported, and encouraged consistent ways of working.

Both the Datix Incident and Complaints modules will now be implemented at all 445 care homes and 56 specialist care centres located in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man by the end of the year.

Four Seasons deployed the Datix Incident Management module to replace an in-house developed system that was struggling to accommodate the requirements of a larger and more complex organisation.

The Datix Incidents module forms the basis of Four Seasons’ patient safety infrastructure, regularly recording and handling many thousands of incidents across the company’s well-established care homes division comprising 445 homes with 22,364 beds.

The next step is to extend the Datix incident management solution to the Huntercombe Group, the organisation’s internationally-renowned specialist care unit. In addition, Four Seasons is currently installing the Datix Complaints module, scheduled to go live before the end of 2013 in all its care home and specialist care sites.

Haydn Williams, Datix system co-ordinator at Four Seasons Health Care, said: “By far the biggest advantage of using Datix is consistency because the availability of accurate information in real-time is essential to running a large and geographically dispersed organisation effectively. Datix has also encouraged more efficient, consistent ways of working that have been critical during times of change.”

Next on the horizon is enhancing the current reporting capabilities at Four Seasons, moving towards personalised reports that are tailored to individual requirements. Four Seasons is also planning to introduce the latest version of Datix, taking advantage of new functionality such as online help files and enhanced medication error reporting as well as a range of configuration enhancements aimed at the technical administrator.

Jonathan Hazan, chief executive of Datix, said: “Compliance with industry standards such as those laid down by the Care Quality Commission are vital to maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety, whether in an NHS hospital or in social care. For independent providers like Four Seasons, the ability to demonstrate exceptional levels of patient safety during times of change is especially important.

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